Employment contract template

Employment contract template is a contract sample that shows the agreement between employer and employee about the employment rights, responsibilities and duties. A well defined employment sample can help both employer and employee to know their rights and obligations.


Employment Contract Layout

Employment contract needs to consider the employment terms and rights. Apart from ordinary terms such as the start and end date, the employment terms etc. The contract need to include the provision that whether the employee can provide service to other parties independently. In this provision, the employee promises that as long as he or she works for the company the employee will not work for anyone else in the same or similar type of business.

Employment contract needs to include the termination clause. Termination clause enable both the employer and employee to terminate the employment within certain conditions. For example, The termination clause may state that either party may terminate the employment contract for any reason by giving a certain amount of notice. It may also give the employer the right to just terminate the contract without notice if the employee violates the contract in any way. It is important for the employee to understand the clause before signing the contract.

Employment Contract Template Design

There is free contract template you may download for reference, however, you may use common software such as Word or Excel to develop your sample employment contract Template. During the design process, it is important to consider the employment contract format, employment contract outline in the employment contract example.

The first key part in the employment contract template is the employment overview. In the section, you may state the details of the employment. For example, the Name of the employee:__; Employment Start Data:__; Employment Term:__; Job Description:__ etc.

The second key part in the employment contract sample is the main body. In the section, you may state the details of the terms and conditions for employees. For example, the employees wage shall be paid in cash on the last working day of __ and shall be entitle to the following allowance:__; Normal working hours will be___; Overtime will only be worked if agreed upon between the parties from time to time, The employee is entitled to__ days paid leave after every 12 months of continuous service.

The last key part in the employment contract example is the rights and obligations of the employer. In the section, you may state the rights of employer such as the ownership of the invention, the authority, the termination clause, the non-competition clause etc. For example, the employee agrees that ___ (state the duration) after he or she stops working for the employer, the employee will not become employed by any company engaged in a similar type of business, and the employee will not set up a company that will compete with the employer’s business or solicit the employer’s customers.